Pregnancy 101 For The Federlines

Via: Doubleviking

I read this the other day and am still laughuing about it.

KEVIN: So, I just heard on BET … you’re all pregnant and shit?
BRITNEY: Yeah, four months! I’m so excited y’all.
KEVIN: Oh good. I thought you were just getting fat. Am I the father?
BRITNEY: Of course silly! Unless it’s Pat O’Brien’s? But I’m pretty sure it’s totally yours.
KEVIN: [Nervous laughter] So, like, do you know how to raise a baby?
BRITNEY: Don’t you have like two or three already?
KEVIN: I guess.
BRITNEY: Don’t worry. It’ll be fun y’all.
KEVIN: Okay. We should like … buy some magazines?
BRITNEY: [Concerned] False tabloids?
KEVIN: No, magazines about babies and shit.
BRITNEY: Oh, OK! Good idea! Hey, do you have a Marlboro Light?
KEVIN: Didn’t you quit?
BRITNEY: Oh yeah. Bummer. Oooh I think I feel it kicking!
KEVIN: No babe, that’s just the Taco Bell kicking in.

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