Rum, Bad Baseball, Drunk Neighbors and Golf

First par of the season

Sounds like a fun weekend doesn’t it? Here’s the recap:

Friday night: Mrs. and aI stayed up to watch the Pirates game, grill some kabobs and drink some beer.

Saturday: We went to Ian’s 5th birthday party in the afternoon and had planned on bowling in the evening. Griff called later in the evening and said that we’d have to put it off for the evening as yard work took the best of him. I’ve seen the size of his yard, he’s lucky to still be alive. So as a backup plan we went to the state store for some Bacardi Razz (my fav) and a bottle of wine for Lushie. What goes best with that… Pirates baseball. Buccos got their asses handed to them 11-3. Trust me, after the last 12 losing season you HAVE to be drinking something to stomach a full game. This one proved the point but here’s the fun part. My neighbors a few houses down were outside all day cutting wood and drinking beer. They have a firepit that they like to light up in the summertime. Well this must have been the first bash of the year. By 1am I can hear Skynard playing. I go outside and all the drunkards are all singin Sweet Home Alabama. i laugh and go back in. Around 2am I can still hear them. This time singing the Doors. I felt like a flashback to our former Beer Brawl parties . One guy decides that he’s going for McDonalds (who doesn’t get that craving after cheap beer) gets in his car and leaves. He comes back, put the food on the roof of the car on the passengers side, gets on his knees bends over and makes a sound like puking IN the car. He stands up not missing a beat, grabs the food and leaves.
Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Sunday: went golfing around 11:30am at Schenley Park. bro showed up with his 2 boys and their uncle Ken. I don’t know why we always go there. The course is ok, the tee boxes are made of some cheap hard astroturf, the greens are alright and there’s always some asshead that has to act like he’s better than everyone else and bother our game. Maybe it’s because we can never golf without kids around. As we’re waiting to tee off the group in front of us is a mom and her 3 younger boys. Now from standing back she was a hardcore MILF so I didn’t mind. But then it took them 20 minutes to play a hole. People were all lined up. By the 4th hole we were annoyed and skipped ahead. The backup of people was mounting. So we go to 5 and she’s not even close to finishing 4. As we tee off she comes running over and flipping out that we skipped her. We ignore. Well now it comes to #6 and she comes over to raise a fuss “you skipped me and I have to get these boys to a thing soon so i’d appreciate it if you started being fair.” Mind you she’s just playing #5 par 3 and there’s no one for 2 holes in front of us. Her voice is like Fran from The Nanny. You wanna fucking kill someone. Maybe it’s more of the fucking wanna be yuppie i’m boring as hell yeeeeeaaaahhhh riiiiight, that’d be quaaaaiiiiint which occupies all of Squirrel Hill/Regent Square area. We say fine go ahead and play just quit whining. Everyone else behind us was pissed at her and felt our pain. Anyway, by the time we finished I finally par’d a hole and life was good. Went home cooked on the grill and did housework the rest of the day.

So, How was your weekend?

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