Dead Pool 2005

I know, I haven’t been online much. But there is a good reason for this. I had to draft my “Dead Pool” team for this season. What is a Dead Pool you ask? Each player picks 10 celebrities. It is the quantity of correct picks that will be scored, with the age of the dead celebrity as a tie breaker. Age points are scored as 100 minus the persons age (so picking people older than 100 is useless for tiebreaker points, in fact, you can get subtracted points…i.e. someone who is 105 is worth -5 tiebreaker points). The year runs midnight on April 1st 2005 until 4/1/06.

Here is my class of 2005-06
· Pope John Paul II (Born: May 18, 1920)
· William H. Rehnquist (Born: October 1, 1924)
· Dick Clark (Born: November 30, 1929)
· Beatrice “Bea” Arthur (Born: May 13, 1926)
· Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Born: July 6, 1976)
· Abe Vigoda (Born: February 24, 1921)
· Larry King (Born: November 19, 1933)
· Jerry Falwell (Born: August 11, 1933)
· Kirk Douglas (Born December 9, 1916)
· Rosa Parks (Born: February 4, 1913)

All of us had Terri Schiavo but she passed this morning so everyone had to scramble for a 10th person. That was a gimmie point though.

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  1. Sav says:

    50 Cent won’t die, you’re silly 😛 All the others sound dead on, haha.

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