You “OTTER” bite my ass and other randomness

I go online to order tickets for saturday in case we drive north. The Otters site sucks for this when it’s post season. I finally click on Ticketbastard and ask for best available Center Ice. Same seats as before… eyelevel with the fucking glass so my view is hella obstructed. Aight, what’s the best available for the $12 seats…3 rows from the top. Yeah I don’t think so. I don’t give a rats ass that it’s $12 for playoff seats but i’m not sitting up with the retarded version of Pittsburgh’s finest yinzers. Still debating it. May just call and order over the phone.

Barry Bonds, don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. The bridge “you all told me to jump off to… well i did” doesn’t have any water to break your fall. Have a nice retirement asshole. We’re gonna miss you in Pittsburgh at the end of April. You’re comments yesterday Barry were actually more assfaced than McGuire’s. Then again he is an intelligent guy and you’re just some waste of talent who, when out of completely moronic reasons why everyone is so tough, blames race. Barry’s response to what should people who make less than 30k a year and buy season seats to support you think… “Not my fault they don’t play baseball.”

Here’s a question someone had for me today. Where in Erie sells the best Kielbasa. I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. So many places have good quality meats but to be labeled BEST.. man. That’s when I realized that since I moved here 6+ years ago I have also adopted the “Best place to go for is…’ that EVERY Pittsburgher has. It’s a place that you swear by. You want meats and fish… go to Wholeys. Best wings and drunk food is Primantis. Best produce is Bills Produce in the strip. The list goes on. But when it comes to Erie I cant say anything. Erie County Farms is like Wholeys but not as cool, is extremely overpriced and is dirty. So I called home and asked mom. She said Urbaniaks is alright but everyone knows you go to the guy across from Nunzi’s on 38th St (the Urbaniaks i worked at is now some other polish place). What’s it called? “oh i dunno spoon… the meat guy”. Classic stuff.

I will NEVER eat at Quaker Steak all you can eat wing night again. Lushie and I went there last night in Cranberry TWP. First off they had 1 server for 15 tables in the bar area. Explain the logic please. Secondly the first batch were HUGE meaty wings. very good. After that we got the wings of midget chickens. The sauces weren’t good at all and after a few we both felt ill. Primantis I shall never cheat on you again.

That’s all for now, I need to mentally prep for darts tonight.

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