the Clarks – Generations Pub review – Wheeling, WV

I honestly don’t know how some of you guys can go from show to show every night. Kudos to you. My arse is beat and my ears just stopped ringing today. But it was HELLA worth it. This was my first trip to WV ever so that in itself was a milestone for me.

Good: Ok, i will say it here, Curt was right. Rosavelt was incredible! They busted out a little Tom Petty at the end with the help of Rob. The Clarks were just unbefuckinglievable. I couldn’t tell you the setlist offhand. Mary has it framed already in her room. Everything sounded great. Dave had to whap his laptop a fewtimes like a PNC Park scoreboard but it worked out. I suck at reviews, yinz go ahead and take it.

Bad: Wheeling has the most assbackwards construction setups ever. Hollie, Scott, Lushie and I were hangin over at the Hampton with Eva, Bill, Michelle, Bill, Mary and Jake. In order to get to them it was like passing a friggin landmine field. That whole area was torn up but yet the front desk assured us the club was within walking distance. I think they were either all on opium or wanted to see if the city slickers would take a walk down the mile from hell. Oh yeah, and to the chick standing behind me that felt the need to give me a free prostate exam during the show because she was too drunk to stand and thought she was leaning on her bf or a wall, let me know how the results come out.

Anyone else catch the girl that looked like Sarah Lane from Tech TV up front? WOW! We got back around 4am Saturday morning after a breakfast at Perkins with Wheeling’s finest.

First the customary “GREAT TO SEE YA” (since i never leave my pc I’m due for one of these Laughing ) Hollie and Scott thanks for the ride. Hampton Inn PNAD Crew of Eva, Mary, Bill, Michelle, Bill and Jake, thanks for the great pre-show. Michelle, remember hun, ALWAYS BRING ID! Curt, Kevin and Autumn it was great to see yinz before all the craziness started. And to the 15 or so I met before hand back by the beer (damn those beer girls were hot) and Clarks swag stand (ok Brian, the girls said you were hot also) it was a pleasure. Not everyone told me their screen name so i can’t thank you individually. Make sure you IM me and keep on posting!

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Thank god for camera phones though i dunno why there’s so many of scott. If anyone has pics they would like posted send them to Send as many as you like, i’ll post them all!

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