What’s missing from this picture?

Anything yet? Can you see it? It’s not AS difficult as those Waldo puzzles or the 3-D boat images you have to stare at for a minute at the mall. Yes that’s right, the scoreboard is missing. 4 years after the park opened the Pirates are already replacing their state of the art scoreboard. Reports have it that moisture was the main issue for the board’s untimely demise (which if you went to games last season you would have noticed that it didn’t always work the greatest). Rumor has it that a message was left carved into the circuit room which read “I’m ON THE JUICE!” One can only believe that it’s a confession from Barry Bonds during one of his roid fits which made him rip out the scoreboard. While looking for someone to comment, the only reply was from Sid Bream “Obviously he wasn’t juiced in 92. he couldnt even throw me out. Oh the scoreboard… yeah that thing is a fine piece of techie ass. Have you seen the replay of my slide to win the NLCS on it? I make Barry look like a girl scout.”

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