Bubba the Love Lobster

Pittsburgh is in the national sporlight because of a friggin Lobster? WHAAAAAAAAAAA? Ok, not just any lobster but a 22 POUND lobster (your average size one si 1-2 pounds). So this thing, named Bubba, is found off the coast of Nantucket, Mass is shipped to Wholey’s(a fish market of all places) in Pittsburgh. Bubba is then supposed to go to the PPG Aquarium and then to Ripley’s Believe it or Not up in canadia.

Somehow this lobster mysteriously died as it was being shipped to the aquarium and now PETA and all the tree huggin freaks are now focused on making a huge scene about Pittsburgh being an un-animal family safe town and are raising holy hell over the issue. PEOPLE.. LISTEN TO ME… HE IS/WAS FOOD! Delicious seafood that, once dipped in melted butter makes a wonderful meal. That is the purpose of lobsters… to eat them at an overpriced rate at Red Lobster. According to msn.com he was roughly 100 years old. That’s a long time to be sucking off the bottom of the ocean floor. He probably had a heart attack or just gave up when he saw all this brotheren being mamed at Wholey’s.

I expect the jagoffs at WPXI (also home of the irresitable Krista Villarreal) to have an hour story and investigative reporting on “this horrible tragedy to scar the image of Pittsburgh.” They always pull shit like that. Forget the dismal financial state of the city… we killed a fucking lobster.

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