Boycott of Wal Mart

I’ve always given Wal Mart the benefit of the doubt as a decent place to shop since it’s the Mecca for all white trash and rednecks alike to have a reason to dress up and go out ‘someplace nice’. Can’t be THAT bad right? When you walk into any Wal Mart on a Saturday it’s as if every fucked up representative of an American culture will be present in there. The “derrrrrrrrrrrr” lookin overweight in size 58 jeans and ripped stained NASCAR shirt with with 6 kids all lookin like someone played Danny Boy on their face with the ugly stick. Especially the SUPER Wal Marts which is where my story takes place.

On Saturday, Lushie and I drove to Wal Mart in Robinson so we could 1) get groceries 2) have an oil change 3) get 2 new tires. Tires we wanted were only $40 a piece there so how could you pass it up. We called the day before and someone in automotive said they don’t take appointments, just get there early. We arrive at 10am to find a FIVE hour wait. Yes you heard me, 5 fucking hours! Oil change would only be 20 minutes though. I said to go on with the oil change and to check at WalMart in WashPA to see if they had any tires in stock and what the waitwas . I asked to have the measurements written down for me so i knew i had teh right tires. The knucklehead working assured us that this was the correct measurement and that Wash Pa had my tires in stock. We leave to shop a bit and the 20 minute oil change becomes a 90 minute change. I go back, pay and have the guy call WashPa just to see the wait. 2 hours he says. no problem at all. As I’m paying, some yuppie fucknut comes in and asks for 4 new tires on his SUV. The other cashier says “no problem, we’ll have it ready in an hour.” WHAAAAAAAAA! An hour! The guy in front of me was told 4 hours not even 3 minutes before. Then yuppie fucknutter calls his wife and says “Hey, they’re bringing it in right now!” I was furious. My cashier just shrugged and walked away… FAST.

So we make the trek 20 minutes to Wash Pa. We drop the car off, hand the paper the garage tech gave us to the mechanic and he said it would be 2 hours. Well 1 hour into the shopping I hear my name on the PA. I go back and hear this from the manager “Sorry for the wait but who gave you this number?” why the guy at Robinson… why do you ask? “Well none of this is even close to right. The tire you need isn’t sold at Wal Mart or Sams club. Sorry buddy.” I was PISSED! Lushie was fuming and mf’in all over. We needed new tires for the car to pass inspection. We’ve now wasted 7 hours with driving and shopping at fuckin wal marts. We call Sears… $300 for 2 plus mounting and balancing. Call Pep Boys… $150 for the same service (diff tires) roadside assistance and 70k warranty. Pep Boys had the car done in less than an hour.

9 hours and 85.9 miles later we finally get home. I should re-join at Costco. The SUPER Target can’t get here fast enough in the North Hills.

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  1. ved says:

    I hate Wal-Mart. I caved the first time I went in to buy kitty food, b/c for twice the amount, it’s half the price. After that I started thinking about what that company really stands for: Nothing. They don’t help OUR economy in the slightest.

    So I’m reading the NYTimes, lalala. They’re jacking up prices. lalala. Up goes transportation, again. Oh? Olympics 2012 you say?! Well! It’s time to start cleaning up the city. UP UP UP go rent prices, so now art community spaces like ABC NoRio and CBGB’s, both historical spaces that were created by the outcasts for the outcasts are being pushed out the city. The next day I read the city council thinks it’s a good idea to build a fucking Walmart in New York Fucking City. I guess no one can buy their deodorant anywhere else in that entire city. Nope.

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