2 More Reasons Why I’m Proud To Be From Erie

DATELINE: Erie, PA – Home of the most explosive pizza in PA

Story number 1 comes to us via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette which ran the following “Police in Erie were searching for a car thief who slipped into a limousine and drove away while mourners were inside a church during a funeral.” Someone stole the fucking funeral limo! I knew that there were some real, to borrow from the Jerome “Dusty” Pohl phrasebook, B.D.M.F.H.’s (Brain Dead Morons From Hell) up north but come on have some respect. The vehicle was recovered a few blocks away. If the funeral director was asked by this reporter for a comment he probably would have said “The driver realized that when you use the Club it’s very difficult to turn the wheel. Now SLAP MAH FRO EL NINO!”

Story number 2 was reported by WSEE 35, the CBS affiliate. The headline read Erie County Online Prostitution Ring Busted“. Yeah no biggie right? Then I read this one “The website was discovered by Detective Jessica Lynn. Lynn found the site in her daily job of surfing the web for criminal activity.” Wait a second… some tart gets PAID to surf the web and look for criminals. How in the bloody hell do I sign up for this gig! You figure she’s getting some sweet benifits and pension for being a cop but to get paid to surf… WOW! If there’s one thing I’ve learned at over 10 years of being on the Net it’s that I can find just about anything anywhere, especially porn. Oh man I really need to take a step back and look at my life.

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  1. Amy Lynne says:

    They have local cops in the Austin and San Antonio Yahoo Chat rooms looking for pedophiles, and they regularly broadcast it on the news here. People are so freakin’ stupid… trying to hook up with 15 and 16 year old girls (and younger I assume) and getting straight up busted… The cops actually pose at the girls online and then bust the dudes right when they think they’re going to get some action. I’m glad, but at the same time, it’s the whole Big Brother thang! Glad we don’t have red light cameras and stuff here!

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