NHL Cancels 2004-05 Season

I knew it was coming but wanted to live in denile as long as I could. Gary Bettman officially cancelled the season this afternoon at 1pm.

I am a hockey fan. Not just an NHL fan. Big difference. I love this game. After all of this time I can’t help but feel that the owners and nhlpa got a joy out of toying with our emotions. So many times they gave us hope and then… *STOMP* it’s over. Only to tease us again. Kinda like that hot girl that would bring you along for your cash and when something better came by or she got tired you’d get tossed to the curb till next time. And still you always go back. I’ll be honest, odds have it when the season starts I’ll be back up in my perch once again at the Igloo. The Pens and all the teams will have to do some serious ass kissing to get everyone back and I wish them the best. Whatever you do with my money (you know, the 60% I had to put down by Nov1) make sure it’s put to good use and send me some free swag over the next few months so I know you still care. Hockey fans are like none other you’ll see. They are dedicated to their sport and will do anything for it. We’re willing to sit out a season as long as you promise to bring it back in a new and stable form. An NHL like 10-15 years ago…

*sighs* Well at least I still have the Erie Otters and Robert Morris Colonials to watch for a few months. My only wish is that Bettman is right that in the long term the game will be back better than ever. A short term fix wasn’t an answer and I was hoping a bastardized version of the season would get played.

Well for anyone that needs a hockey fix you can always stop over for some NHL 2K5 on PS2. Unless yer Stoosh… I heard he cheats like a mofo 🙂

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