0 and 0 = $250

Thanks for the money NE and Philly. The 0-0 finish at the end of the first quarter of tonight’s Super Bowl was wonderful. I finally have enough to buy that island i always wanted!

Oh yeah, Pats won 24-21. Philly played a decent game but just couldn’t get in sync. Plus with 3 minutes left they had possibly the worst clock management I’ve ever seen. Donovan, face it bud, you’re not meant for the big games. I have a new respect for TO though. If the Eagles would have won he’d be MVP. After coming back from a snapped ankle 6 weeks ago to 122 yards on 9 passes… simply amazing.

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  1. Silent says:

    Spoon you’re in good company….both Morgan and Katie won the 1st quarter as well!

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