USB Mr Potato Head

From our friends over at Mob Rules, I present the geeked out Mr Potato Head. When asked how the hell he did it, creator Brad Brown replied “I used a GE USB 2.0 4 port mini hub. It fits amazingly well in the back of him! I didn’t even have to glue it in. The power chord on the side keeps it in place. “ The reason for doing it “eh, I was bored.”

I’ve known brad for 6 years now and I must say… naw I really have nothing to say. He’s a fuckin madman that loves good beer and beating up people in leather.

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2 Responses to USB Mr Potato Head

  1. Brad says:

    Anybody have any mod ideas? Specifically beer, S & M or evil related mods?

  2. Brad's Mum says:

    SPUD – Seriously Penetrated Universal Butt

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