Beer Pong results

Beer Pong

Another meeting of the PBPL this past Friday night brought a couple of firsts to game play. The first is a “non-alcohol related fatality”. Midway through the night, gf of member Jeff “cheers” Billman fell ON the table causing it, and her, to crash to the floor… along with 30 empty cans, and ash tray, the cups still filled with beer and the water cups. After inspection the table was still in working order and the floor cleaned up so that play would resume. Oh yeah, she was ok too. Claims of tripping/slipping have been filed. Judges are reviewing the film.

The second comes as a result of spoon’s obsession with webcams. A live audio/video feed was available that night. Kept under wraps for testing purposes, 2 fellow pongers, Silent Bob and K-rod assisted in the project. There were some delays in video and audio but that may be due to the shitty WinMedia codec. More testing will need to be done 🙂 The beer pong streaming feed was first thought up while living in Oakland during the late 90’s at my old apt. A few years later while living with a roomie in the north hills we revived the cam along with 3 other feeds that were available. And now recently I joined in watching krod tv broadcast a live game of 3-man. The beer pong cam idea surfaced again…

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  1. dawn says:

    We love the pong. I’ll have to catch the next live web cast! Kenny and I will be drinking along.

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