It’s a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!

Yesterday afternoon Stoosh and myself took a trip to Neville Island to catch Robert Morris vs (our home town) Mercyhurst Lakers. First off the facility is incredible. I’ll be heading back soon to check out the cost for some lessons and to get in on public skates. Hope the old knees can take it 🙂 Only complaint is that for a first time visitor it was kinda confusing getting around but after awhile we got it down. The game itself was the best played 0-0 tie i’ve ever seen. The game pace was very fast, hits her hard and loud plus the goalies handled shots that some pro’s would have a hard time with. Overall i had a blast and plan on seeing a few more games (especially now that I know where I’m going). $6 for GA and $8 for reserved you can’t beat plus the food they serve is very good. There are no bad seats in the place but bundle up because it does get a tit bit nippley. for $6 we sat a few rows up from the glass. The view is fucking awesome and dare I say better than F Balcony at the arena? To check out more about the complex go to

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