We’ll Leave the Slots on for Ya!


HARRISBURG — The state Supreme Court has removed the last legal obstacle to construction of a new thoroughbred racetrack in Erie, a $100 million project that eventually will include a slot machine casino along Interstate 90.

Later in the article it mentions putting this place in Summit TWP. Are you kidding me? I don’t know if anyone has seen the nightmare known as upper Peach but this is going to cause a whole hella mess. If you live in any big city this will seem like nothing at first but you need to realize also that most of the biggets bonehead drivers I’ve ever seen have been from up north. No one seems to understand the whole traffic light structure of when the light is yellow and there’s a car 1/2 in the intersection you don’t drive up and hope to get through. Almost as bad as Pittsburghers trying to figure out the goddamn 4-way stop routine.

At any rate, cool. Erie has another attraction to make it the premiere tourist city in the state with a beach. Though I heard the sand down on the mon river is quite spiffy come summer time 🙂

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