Movie Theater Forgets It’s Role as Babysitter.

I heard about the huge brawl at Loews on Christmas and just sighed. Being a former Customer Service Ushering Engineer at Tinseltown back in the 90’s I couldn’t help but think of all the patrons we’d beat up while wearing my florecent plastic ‘spenders and bowtie. Probably the same kids that crowdsurf at Clarks shows. Anyways, today I’m reading more about it and see this: “Davis-Harris said she believes some theaters create problems by selling advance tickets for popular movies, leaving few tickets for walk-up customers, who become disappointed.”

Are you fuckin kidding me? Advanced sales are THAT good that there isn’t enough for walkups in a 22 theater building? If you have an issue with it then order your tickets online, call ahead or go somewhere else. This is turning into another case of “Well the world should cater to me and if it doesn’t shit will hit the fan.” Suck it up! There’s a line where you need to accept how things are and quit fucking whining about it. Of course it’s not YOUUUUUUUUR fault for raising a fuckstick for a kid. Just wait, I’m sure some parent will write a letter to the paper about how it’s the theater’s fault.

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