Vote or P-diddy will but a cap in yo ass

Vote or die? Come on, if I’m going to find someone as a spokesperson for my cause one thing they must be strong in is the English language. Ebonics and all that hip hop “yeah… yeah… yeah… aw yeah. you know wut i sayyyiiiinnnn.” shit has no place. You’ve more than doubled your 15 minutes of fame ride off to pasture already.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote just make sure you did your research first. I’ve heard some people saying they picked their candidate because “he seems like a nice guy” or because their significant other threatened them not to vote for the other party. *sighs* people are fucking morons but hey, everyone has the same rights… although i still think there should be an IQ test for people to take before they procreate.

Here’s some helpful links:

  • < -- Will find the polling offices by you based on address.
  • < -- Will list all of the candidates that should appear on your ballot.
  • Indecision 2004 – Comedy Central
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