What a night for baseball!

Being a die hard baseball fan (yes up there with hockey) I have to say that tonight was one of the greatest single nights in playoff history. Redsox and Astros fans will have a chubby for a long time over this.

Redsox win the longest playoff game (over 6 hours) with David Ortiz getting the game winning RBI in 2 nights and Johnny Damon crossing the plate in the bottom of the 14th for a 5-4 Bo Sox win. Yanks, i still hate you bastards. I hope you guys choke.

Not to be outdone, the Cards and Astros battled 1 hit ball till the 9th inning with the ‘stros winning 3-0 in the bottom of the 9th with a Jeff Kent BLAST over the left field stands. This game will go down as one of the finest games ever pitched in MLB playoff history. i know what i said before and i stand by it… Cards and Sox will be in the series.

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4 Responses to What a night for baseball!

  1. Amy Lynne says:

    You know the Astros are going to the world series!!!!!!!!!!! I predict it, so it must happen.

  2. Amy Lynne says:

    Alright, so I was wrong. Damnit!!! Us Texans get SCREWED again. First by OU, then by St. Louis. Cowboys suck. Texans suck. No more Spurs. Rangers have always sucked. Rockets need some work. Mavericks look good but just can’t get the job done. We’re a bunch of losers 🙂

    At least I don’t have to pry the husband away from the TV for 7 more games to help with the 2 year old, haha 🙂

    But seriously, I’m going for the Red Sox. F**K The St. Louis Cardstealers , they don’t deserve the World Series title.

  3. spoon says:

    oh come on Amy, St.L won it fair and square. Both teams played very well. There just happened to b more people on base when Clemens gave up the gopher ball than when Suppan did. I’d say you still have hockey but I’m missing that also. GO PITTSBURGH CURLING LEAGUE!

  4. Amy Lynne says:

    Right on. Curling takes the cake! Go Curling.

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