My Boy Lewis Black goes PRIME TIME!

LAW & ORDER SVU – OBSCENE 10pm 2004-10-12 ALL NEW!

A YOUNG TV STAR IS ATTACKED AND THE EVIDENCE SUGGESTS A RADIO SHOCK JOCK WHO MAY HAVE GONE TOO FAR — DANA DELANY AND LEWIS BLACK GUEST STAR — Well-known actress Jesse (guest star Maggie Grace) who is the star of a controversial teen show, is raped in her trailer on the set. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Fin (Ice-T) investigate, and find the actress is hated by many community members, such as Carolyn Spencer (guest star Dana Delany, “China Beach”) because they feel she’s a bad influence on young girls. Carolyn’s public statements of hatred and disapproval of the actress make her a prime suspect. The investigation unravels further clues, which point to Carolyn’s son Danny (guest star Ricky Ullman), who is arrested after being placed at the scene of the crime. Although it appears that he was acting out his mother’s wishes, the boy also was influenced by the directions of a radio shock jock (guest star Lewis Black, “The Daily Show With John Stewart“). Diane Neal also stars and Judith Light guest stars. TV-14

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2 Responses to My Boy Lewis Black goes PRIME TIME!

  1. KROD says:

    Lewis Black… saw some of his “acting” when Bob chimed in to tell me he was on. I gotta say not so bad. It’s coming close to the 1st anniversary of you winning that Lewis Black comedy central show. What are you gonna do this year? You should call Lewis up and see if he wants to swing by the Pitt like old times.

  2. spoon says:

    I should have called to see if he’d help me move 🙂

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