Me and Vijay Singh down by the schoolyard

Lushie and I got there around 3pm and were on the 18th walking around. Daly comes up and I say we HAVE to watch this guy. I have NEVER heard a ball or seen one take off like his drive. The sound of it slicing the air was like a low flying plane vvvvVVVRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMmmzzzzzzzzz. It was a thing of beauty. We walk down to the green and watch him finish up. Everyone leaves and we find a perfect spot right in front of the bunker next to the green. The rope to mark out of bounds was right at head level if you’re sitting down. So the next team comes through and one of the guys drills his second shot and almost hits Lushie in the head. Missed her by a foot. It rolls down right into the sand in front of us. The cameras appear and we’re on espn. The bunker is about 4ft deep and probably 20 yrs from the pin. This guy plopped it inches from the green. un-be-fuck-lievable. Next few teams there are guys 190yards out and poppin the ball a couple feet away. These are no names doing it! So here comes Vijay. He’s up by 2 over Cink. Second shot on 18 and what’s he do? BUNKER TIME! It’s Vijay.. and then the 2 of us. Cameras all over… we’re both in awe. If he screws this up he could end up tied with Cink. He hits out of the rough and places it 1 ft from the hole. Everyone goes nuts. We leave as the ceremony starts. Drive home wasn’t bad but getting there SUCKED. Took forever. Looking back it was maybe 90 minutes or so but seemed like forever. I had to feel the fairway on the 18th. I was asked “Why don’t you come out and play sometime, it’s a public course?” I said “Yeah, that’s $150 for 18 on weekdays.” I think i’ll stick to Schenley… plus my skills are better for that course.

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