Picnic, Baseball and More Picnic

Well it’s my first full weekend home since the 1st of May and lord knows it hasn’t been a quiet one. Took yesterday off to attend the company day at Kennywood. Rode the Thunderbolt 3 times, Phantom’s Revenge 2 and a few others. Catered dinner. Pics are over at the moblog. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Today has been brutal. Baseball game at 8am. Extremely humid. Sucked to play LF today. Got a nice tan though. We went down 8-1 after 2 innings. We were all dragging ass and only playing with 8 players. Dramatic 7 run 3rd inning by us. Lost 13-8 in 5 innings . Game called due to going over the 2hr 15min time limit.

Sitting here now with the AC cranked and getting ready to hang out with Griff and Deb. Another picnic, lotsa beer and alcohol involved… may lord have mercy on our livers.

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