The drought continues

Softball was rained out last night and moved to tonight. We got thru 2 batters and then the rain came for 20 minutes. Less than 5 minutes after the game was called the sun came out. A mile down the road it was bone dry. Figures eh? Well i didn’t play today because…

Tonight was the big night. The first baseball game for me played under the lights of some city park field. Never happened. Good story though. I get an email at 1pm saying that the league called the game due to “poor field conditions”. The game wasn’t till 9pm so it didn’t settle well with us. The team says screw it and goes to the field to practice. We get there and wouldn’t ya know it. Some other team says they have a game scheduled for 9pm also (some softball beer league). After some bickering and calls to the guy that runs our league we decided to leave. Make up date is TBD.

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