Split the Doubleheader

My ass is draggin. Started playing baseball at 11am and didn’t finish till after 5:30pm. 6.5 hours in the sun and I’m toasted. Game 1 was a 1-0 win but not without a near fight. Ump had some blown calls and a strike zone that started at the lower shin and went to the belt buckle. I went 0-3. Game 2 was against the convicts of the league. Very cocky and wigger like. Even their trailer ghetto trashy ho’s where there to cheer them on! Game went into extra innings and we lost 6-5. I was 1-3 with 2rbi’s (including the game tying). They had some pitcher that’s going to be signed by a minor league team so of course he was the most arrogant… till i came up and line a shot right up the middle off his heater. Jersey’s should be in friday. Here’s a pic after driving in the tying run – Spoon da ball player

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