bug snot rocket

Not that you need to know this but I feel the need to share. It’s 1am and I’m chillin in my chair, drinkin my Blue and starting to doze off. Just as i’m about to fall under a bug flew up my nose. Had to snot rocket the thing out. Now i’m wide awake. damn bug. Thank god i don’t have to work today. Next to come… the wedding of Bob and Blaire. I know this is going to provide some interesting stories. I love these guys.

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  1. doth mine eyes deceive me, or is there a spoon on this freakin’ blog?! ya go and find ancient havener relic-type documents, and look what ya find. 🙂 I couldn’t stumble onto yer blog and not leave yinz a comment. so… “HI!!”

  2. dren says:

    girl from the past

    Love ya baby, always and forever

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