Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What am I thinking? Today started the first day of a long summer. The time has come to pull a Michael Jordan and come out of retirement. I signed up for a summer adult baseball league to go along with the company softball one. Today was fun though. 1st day with the baseball team. The field was shit. It had been raining for a few days. There was a game before us but that didn’t help much slushing thru the mud. Finished the day 0-2. Lost 6-5. Cracked my aluminum bat in 3 places. Not happy about that.

Most of the guys are between 26-33 and all a blast to play with. My buddy Jules got me in on this one. Figured what the hell, gotta get my ass back in shape somehow instead of just talking about it. Dropped $100 on gear yesterday so that I would be ready. New kleets, pants, cup w/sliding pants, eye black, socks, belt and a few red shirts to wear under the jersey. Should have my jersey by the next game in a few weeks. I’ll be sporting #33.

Wednesday is my first game for the company of this, my 4th season. Wearin #22. I’m a pimp.

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