A Song about Erie, PA

I still can’t believe someone spent the time to write a song about Erie. I’m mean… it’s ERIE for christ sake. I was checking out http://www.erieblogs.com and found a rather interesting snippit of how someone wrote a song about Erie. Now if you’re from there (like me), live there (like some of yinz but not me) or have ever visited it you can relate to the song. For everyone else it’s a nice little ditty.

Right click here to download the song

band website – http://www.myspace.com/mobdrater

Here are the lyrics as I hear them:
Erie, PA
Yes I’m talkin about Erie PA
Some people like it. Others think that it’s gay.
Well let me tell you about Erie PA

Erie, PA
Our specials are everyday
Quarter drafts in Erie PA
Dollar shots in Erie PA
Dollar wells in Erie PA
It’s cheap to drink in Erie PA

Up on a hill
There’s a college that’s called Mercyhurst
Some people like it, others think it’s the worst
Tell you the truth it’s not really that worst (ok, i can’t make out if it’s worst our hurst)
Yes I’m talkin ’bout Mercyhurst.

Down by the lake
There’s an island that you could mistake
You can smell it for miles and miles
Yes I’m talkin ’bout the Island of Presque
That fish smell makes you really depressed
It’s got a smell that you’ll never forget

Parade is a street
Drug dealers and crackwhores you’ll meet
Make sure to travel during the day
When travelin down the street of Parade

Peach is a street
You’ll see traffic lights every two feet
Plus restaurants up the wazoo
Did i mention that we got us a zoo
A hundred sheep and monkeys that fling their poo
Well i guess it’s not that bad at the zoo

Down on State
Drunken college kids can feel really great
Plus the Millcreek Mall is so much fun
If you’re under the age of 21
Useless stores yes we have a ton
It’s kinda funny how it’s shaped like a gun

Before I go
I can’t leave without mentionin’ snow
It starts comin as early as fall
And still in April it won’t stop at all
No other place in the U.S.A.
Than a place they call Erie PA

It’s cheap to drink in Erie PA

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4 Responses to A Song about Erie, PA

  1. amy says:

    ok, so I am an unfortunate returning resident to the erie area, and no I do not like it here much myself….but has he ever heard of trying to look to the positive? not that I can come up with any but geez! it’s depressing enough here without having to hear all of that crap.

  2. RH says:

    First, I was spawned in this water front town and ’bout soon as I grew me some legs, I left. Came back for a while and went to the College on the hill- not the best, not the worst, just the ‘hurst (which the staff will be more than happy to tell you really means “Hill” – very crafty those Nuns). So thanks for the shout out to my alma matar, and also nice comments about the zoo. Congrats for being able to tell the two apart. I find it amazing that the one observation we share is that it is cheap to drink in Erie, PA. As well it should be, as there is nothing else much worth doing – save the crack whores on the street called Parade.

  3. Rick says:

    Horrible song….and being a life long resident of Erie and a avid traveler, I couldn’t willingly choose another city of Erie.

    I’ve been to the biggest and furthest, all up scale and High class, Erie’s got the best mix of all.

    No one would consider Erie a real city without the occasional bum fights in the alley’s between office buildings Downtown huh?!

    🙂 LOL.

  4. Rick says:

    “another city OVER Erie” not “another city OF Erie” LOL that’s funny!

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